Art & Craft Training

Laxmivasudev Foundation (LVF) supports women and girls to be skilled and self-dependent. Traditional art and craft, sewing, designing, and doll making are boon to women. Through these skills, women become self-dependent and confident. This way poor women can earn a livelihood and support their families.

Women are empowered through arts and crafts, sewing, and designing through self-help groups.

Traditional arts & crafts make women self-confident and self-dependent. This may become a livelihood for some less educated women. Art, craft, sewing, designing, singing, and dancing can be hobbies as well as a step towards independence.

We are working to provide all types of social, Cultural, Dance, Arts, Painting, crafts, and sports facilities to the people of the country and arrange exhibitions, workshops, Seminars, etc. Promoting Indian arts and culture through the establishment & management of Dancing schools, sports centers, auditoriums, museums, Halls, and vocational training institutions in Fine Arts, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modelling, Dancing, Yoga, Play, Theatre, Nukkad Natak, Physical education and in other arts, sports & cultural training subjects.

We are here to establish, support, finance, manage, and develop such out-of-school activities for the children

where they could have the benefits and enjoy participating in sports, games, and other artistic activities like Painting, art, craft, Music, dance, wood & clay work and also arrange educational trips.

The arts and crafts subject embodies various traditions, from the craftsman’s

solid knowledge of materials, techniques and work processes, via the designer’s knowledge of developing ideas and solving problems, to the artist’s production of creative work of art. The perception of art, design and architecture are along with raising the awareness of our cultural heritage in the global perspective, important aspects of the subject. Sami arts and crafts are a natural element of our cultural heritage. Understanding the arts and crafts of the past and the present in one’s own culture and that of others may provide the basis for developing our multicultural Trust.

We are trying to provide libraries, publish books & Films on educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst the people.