Loving is Giving

If you love humanity, you must love those men and women who suffer due to poverty, hunger, deprived, handicapped, war, calamities….

People lack knowledge of HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Filaria, Meningitis, etc.

They need awareness campaigns to make them aware of water conservation, air pollution, environment preservation, healthy habits, cleanliness and hygiene etc. 

We make efforts for the solution of general problems such as concerning roads, telephones, medical and charitable dispensaries, schools, collage, play grounds, libraries reading rooms and community control etc. of the common public with the help of the concerned government authorities and solve them.

We work sincerely for the mankind and humanity without any discrimination of color, caste, creed, religion, reign, country or any such limitation.

We work for widows, war-victims, old-age-people welfare in all respects.

We work to eradicate the social evils, to help the abandoned, lonely, handicapped, deaf & dumb, disabled people. 

More than 1.3 billion peoples live in extreme poverty

You can help them

 by donating to a cause

Raised : $ 12,000.00

Goal : $100,000.00



It is when you give of yourself that you truly give 

What We Care

Child Education

We plan to educate young, orphans, deserted children live, eat, study and become good citizens in place of being a prey of terrorism or become anti-social as they grow with cruel conditions of ugly world.

Charity For Adult

There are so many people poor, handicapped, beggars, homeless, war victims, calamity facing people who are unable to live, eat, grow, learn skills, earn livelihood, we help them with your charity.

Clean Environment

Pollution has degraded air, water and land. Farmers face many problems in their farming due to barren land, lack of water. Air pollutions have made the air poisonous, making very hard to live. We arrange regular campaigns to make people aware of how they can preserve the land, air and water. 

Power of sharing

No one became poor by giving…

By sharing what you have with them who cannot afford them, you are doing a pious work.

Raised : $12,000.00

Goal : $100,000.00



Upcoming Event

Funding for Children Education

Fight Against Malnutrition

We regularly arrange health camps for the poor, women, minorities, handicapped, blinds, students, all those who need them. We provide free medicines and health supplements out of funds donated by people like you and …..

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