Sewing and embroidery seems similar in the sense that both of them use a needle and thread. That’s why the simplest way to differentiate between sewing and embroidery is to think of them as serving different purposes. Sewing creates the structure of the garment or piece anyone making. Embroidery is about polishing and beautify what anyone has created through patterns or beautiful designs. Beauty parlor and Beautician are the new field where any woman can earn name, fame and money. Female trainers of LVF train women sewing-designing and beautician work so that they can become independent and can earn their livelihood. LVF Training centers currently working in Sant Kabir Nagar, Mahrajganj and Gorakhpur districts of Uttar Pradesh. A team of Professional trainers is involved in the whole training centers. Unemployed women can make these skills their profession and earn money to be independent.