For the all round development of children we are working To establish, support, finance, manage and develop such out of school activities for the children where they could have the benefits and enjoy of participating in sports, games and other artistic activities like Painting, art, craft, Music, dance, wood & clay work and also arrange the educational trips.

We work to provide all types social, Cultural, Dance, Arts, Painting, crafts, sports facilities to the people of the country and arrange Exhibition, workshop, Seminars etc. Promoting Indian arts and culture through establishment & management of Dancing schools, sports centers, auditorium, museums, Halls and vocational training institutions in Fine Art, Crafts, Music, Painting, Modeling, Dancing, Yoga, Play, Theater, Nukkad Natak, Physical education and in other arts, sports & cultural training subjects.

We regularly organize Essay & Painting competition in schools for children on different awareness and social topics so that children understand and learn the good objects and

they become good citizens and follow democracy and enjoys their freedom of speech and expressions.