Skill Development & Research on it

Laxmivasudev Foundation is a Training Partner of NSDC under PMKVY 3.0 Scheme and working as Training Provider to Training Centers. Quality of Education and working in accordance to the PMKVY 3.0 are our objectives for skilling the youth. STT and RPL courses are available in our Training Centers under PAN India presence.

The Laxmivasudev Foundation (LVF) is a think-tank, innovation-incubator, research, consulting and not-for-profit organization, created with the endeavor to informing and educating the global public. Our aim is to serve as a platform for the promotion of world-class innovation, know-how, research, best practices and other activities for talent utilization.

The Foundation will undertake, finance, co-produce or encourage research, education and other activities in India to promote the transfer of best practices and the latest standards and technologies and know-how in skills and education from western countries, and the broader world, to India. In these efforts, the LVF also believes that the widespread and well-placed Indian Diaspora is an integral part of a nation’s wealth and it can play an important role in the promotion of innovation and excellence.

The Foundation has done on ground research to understand the key challenges & opportunities based on the current and future requirements of India and analysis of the sectors, where western countries can help India in meeting the monumental challenges.

The first major activity of the Foundation is in the domain of Education & Skill Development. Seeing the huge potential for skill development, LVF has launched an ambitious project on developed and skilled India with the objective of building a platform among Indian states which will connect skill development institutes, government departments as well as other professionals in India to create an ecosystem which is dynamic and vibrant and leads to opportunities for both sides to share their know-how, expertise and also create development prospects for joint ventures, acquisitions or transfer of know-how and expertise.

Through our India Skill Development Project, the LVF aims to bring together the players to fulfill the various demand-supply gaps that exists in India and mount various activities, including taking foreign delegations for site visits in India and bringing Indian researchers to scan the western countries.

LVF is working for Establishment and management of schools, colleges, vocational training centre, professional institutes, computer education and IT centers and all other academic as well as competitive education. Supply of books, stationery, incentives, scholarships and stipends for poor students and trainees of scheduled castes, schedule tribes, backward classes, minority, third gender, differently abled, physically challenged and from BPL families.

We are working to provide conditions and appropriate instruction for developing of intellectual and practical skills. To provide opportunities to acquire skills in using various media so that students can appreciate their qualities and expressive potential. To promote skills in analysis and evaluation and to help students identify scope for improvement in their own work. To guide students towards their full potential and to offer encouragement so that they may increase their confidence and derive enjoyment in their work. To help the students in preparation for competitions or competitive examinations of all kinds at all levels.