Welfare of Weaker sections  

We work for all issues for empowerment and welfare of peoples from scheduled castes, schedule tribes, backward classes, minority, third gender, differently abled, physically challenged and all poor needy people without any distinction as to caste, color, race, creed, place of birth, religion or sex.

We work to protect the human rights of general public at all levels.

We work for the weaker persons of the society to help them in all fields, in all possible manners, to provide them food, clothes, shelters-homes, lower to higher level education, self – employment, training-centers, and to help them in all respects.

We make efforts for the solution of general problems of the old-age people and all age group, with the help of the government authorities and solve them, such as old age homes, medical and charitable dispensaries, parks, libraries, reading rooms and community center, Old Age Home/Vridhasaram and etc.

We do all necessary Acts, deeds and things for the betterment of Women, Children &poor- deprived people.